Sunday, April 25, 2010

Thauwald crossing the pond for 2010-11

Will play in The Netherlands (no, not Odessa)

Scott Thauwald has reportedly signed with the Nijmegen Devils in The Netherlands. Nijmegen is in the providence of Holland.

The Devils play in the Dutch Eredivisie League which is the highest level pro league in The Netherlands.
The team won their ninth championship title in the 2009-10 season. After beating the Ruijters Eaters from Geleen, the Nijmegen team went on to the finals. In the play-offs against the Tilburg Trappers, the Nijmegen team sweeped their opponent with 3 - 0 in a best of five.

This will be Thauwald's third year of pro hockey. He joined the Texas Brahmas in December 2nd in a trade with the Arizona Sundogs. He tallied 11 points (7 G, 4 A, +2) and 18 penalty minutes in 40 games played during the regular season. He had an a
ssist during the post-season.

Thauwald will start playing in September.

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Photo Credit - Robert Keith

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