Friday, September 24, 2010

Making the Cut 2010

Day One: One of the better groups we've seen?

31 prospects were on the ice at the NYTEX Sports Centre today for the 2010 Texas Brahmas Making the Cut prospect camp. The group assembled on Thursday evening for a mandatory meeting and meet and greet with Brahmas coaches, other members of the organization and a group of fans, after which the boys headed off for a good night of rest in preparation for their first day of work.

Saturday's session began with warm-ups and stretching exercises at 8:30 am, followed by an hour in the locker room and then nearly two hours of on-ice drills. After a lunch break, during which the players and coaches loaded up on Zuroma pizza, another hour-long session in the locker room ensued. By 1:30 pm, the prospects were back out on the ice for an hour and a half before breaking for the day.

Coaches on the ice included Dan Wildfong, Ron Vogel and Derrell Upton. Also on hand were Athletic Trainer Tom Hart and Equipment Manager Philip Shipp.

I spoke to Fonger briefly and he seemed pretty enthusiastic about the group and I could see why, although I only saw the afternoon on-ice session. The overall skill level of the attendees seemed higher than in previous camps. Most of the players were in good shape and I didn't see the huffing and puffing and guys looking like they were going to Ralph like we saw last year (even after a belly full of pizza from the Zoo).

I'm looking forward to Saturday morning's on-ice drills and the scrimmage set for approximately 6:25 pm.

Here is the official roster:

Team Black

Matthew Marchel (D) #3
Brandon Bullett (F) #4
Bryan Brunton (D) #8
Robert Short #10
Josh Gaynor (F) #12
Jason Miller (D) #13
Ryan York (F/D) #14
Mark Lebenns (F) #15
Evan Romeo (F) #20
Daniel Morini #25
Jarno Karttunen #26
Stephen Hall (F) #31
Tal Avneri (D) #35
Tim Harris
Nick Wydock (G)

Team White

Ryan Joseph (F) #4
Sean McKenzie #5
Dustin Henning (D) #6
Brendon Contratto #8
Scott Peckford (D) #9
Brad Townsend #11
Kyle Watson (F) #12
Nick Vandenbeld #13
Aaron Spotts (F) #15
Matthew Admire (F/D) #16
Coleman Camp (D) #18
Cory Bounds (F) #19
Kevin Fukala (F) #22
Quinn McIntosh (F) #23
Chris Blake (F) #24
Breton Lindoff (G)

Photos from the afternoon on-ice session can be viewed here

Photo Credits: Robert Keith

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