Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Truest Brahma

Defenseman Craig Minard hangs up the skates

Minard, Craig (D) waived

Something I thought we'd never see, but given the circumstances, it's bittersweet. Always hated that word, but it fits here.

When I heard the news yesterday morning that Minzy had told Dan Wildfong he would no longer be a Brahma, I can't say it was altogether surprising. There were many questions during the off-season as to his future. Considering the nature of his injury - would he be able to play this season? Would he retire? Would he take a coaching position somewhere? And then there was the most difficult question - would Fonger have to make the tough decision to place his former teammate, his Captain, his friend on waivers in favor of another player?

That last question had to be asked, but the possibility that Craig Minard would ever play anywhere else was too far from belief. After all, he is the consummate Texas Brahma.

The news itself was hard to hold onto...I've always said that it's tough being an "insider" when you can't share the news. I'd been holding onto the photo that now graces the banner of the Texas Brahmas Insider for a few weeks since I came across it. It's not the greatest shot, but there was something about it I liked. I figured it would be used for an article about Minzy sometime at the beginning of the season. Never thought it would be used for this purpose, but the reality if the situation is this: it's time to both mourn the loss of one of our favorite players, and at the same time, celebrate his career. Especially his time with the Texas Brahmas.

I'll have some more to add in the near future.

Photo Credit: Robert Keith

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