Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sunday, December 5th

Well, it was good to come out of the previous weekend with a couple of really big wins. We came from behind to beat Laredo in overtime in the last seconds of the game. That was a really huge and then obviously to beat Bossier- Shreveport on Saturday was also a really big win. They’re doing really well this season and they’ve beat us a couple of times in this building already – so that was a really big win.

After that, we had a couple of days off. We had Sunday off and Monday was an optional day - a few guys skated but a lot of guys took the day off after a long week the week before with four games in five nights. But as of Tuesday, we all got back to work to get ready for the games against Missouri and Colorado.

It was a normal week of practice for the most part. After the big weekend with a couple of wins, the mood was pretty good in the locker room – a lot of the guys were having fun.

Unfortunately, things didn’t go well on Friday night and the outcome wasn’t what it needed to be. We definitely don’t want to lose games in our building and to lose 4-1 was hard. We didn’t think that we put in the effort that was necessary to win that game – we had a few opportunities but our effort just wasn’t what it needed to be.

I’m the team captain, but we have enough leaders on this team –everybody knows their role and everybody knew that Friday night wasn’t what it needed to be and we definitely didn’t want to lose back-to-back games on home ice.

On Saturday night against the Eagles, we battled. We battled hard and the effort was where it needed to be. I think we really dominated the game from start to finish.

Everybody gets the system that we play here and everybody has bought in. All of us knew we had to come back with a better effort, and from top to bottom, we did it. We had good goaltending, good results from our lines and everybody down the row put in the right kind of effort and it showed on the scoreboard.

We’ve got the holidays coming up, but we’re trying to remain focused on winning. This is still our job and we’re here to win games. We know we’ve got to come into the rink ready to play each and every night and then when it comes time to get those few days off, we’ll enjoy the time off but also take care of our bodies and be ready for those games after Christmas too because we don’t want to take a step back coming off of a break like that.

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