Friday, August 12, 2011

Maxwell returns to Quebec

The "Silver Hammer" will play for Saint-Georges once again

Saw this on the Saint-Georges (LNAH) website today (thanks to

"Roger Maxwell will be back with the troupe Beauce. During his last visit with the team, Maxwell was one of the best strong men in the league and he may find this title quite quickly. Roger is also very effective in front of opposing goalies to veil the sight of them. It will help to bring order to the ice."

Maxwell played 11 games with the Brahmas before his season came to an end due to injury. There were differing opinions on his role with the team, but as I said on the Brahmas forum, Roger showed up in training camp in the place of someone else and filled a role that needed to be filled. Even as a situation player, he had more heart and motivation than many of the kids who passed through last season - especially those who gave up on themselves and their teammates or those who weren't honest about the true nature of their physical condition.

He contributed one goal on just four shots and 27 penalty minutes during his time in purple and black. The crowd went wild when he was on the ice and he was the only enforcer who dropped another with a solid punch all season.

Roger knew it was a privilege to be on the ice and he did what Fonger asked him to do. All he wanted in return was respect. He very quickly had my respect, as evidenced by this article I wrote for Pro Hockey News back in October.

I spoke with Roger late in the season and he said he wanted to be back at training camp in September and was hoping to get another shot. I for one, would have liked to have seen him in a Brahmas sweater once again - even after 15 pro seasons, here's a man whose motivation will likely outlast his physical ability. I say more power to you, Roger!

Photo Credit: Robert Keith

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