Sunday, January 31, 2010

It all comes down to today

Re-loaded for a repeat? Brahmas either march or limp into the Playoffs

For the Texas Brahmas, today's contest against the Tulsa Oilers is the first game of the rest of the season. Never mind what happened last night or the night before or on Tuesday night before that. Are you going to tell me that Laredo and Rio Grande Valley have better teams? Are you going to tell me that the Bossier-Shreveport Mudbugs have the Heart & the Hustle and the Brahmas don't?

Are you going to tell me that because we don't have Scott Sheppard, Travis Banga, Brandon Benedict and Nathan Saunders here, we don't have the right pieces to the puzzle?

What, we're not getting the bounces? The refs are against us? The league doesn't want the Brahmas to repeat? Bull hockey! Enough with the excuses.

We have an outstanding group of young athletes assembled here in the form of the 2009-10 Texas Brahmas. We have two of the best coaches in the league, a tremendous support staff, sound ownership and a fan base to be proud of.

All of us old boys have an opinion on what needs to be done. But now it comes down to the boys on the ice. How much do they want it? How much do they care?

It all comes down to today.

I personally believe that this team has what it takes. I'll take this group of forwards, defensemen and these two young goaltenders over anything we've had in the past. Are they best team on paper? Maybe not. Have they kicked ass all over the ice like the Odessa Jackalopes have? Not even close. But is it over? Should we start feeling sorry for ourselves and reminisce about the sorry years at the Fort Worth Convention Center?

Has this team got some problems? Damn straight they do. Don't even ask Fonger to start listing them. Will there still be some personnel changes? Count on it. The boys know what to do. Now the question is, will they do it? Or are we all just wasting our time out here? Is it going to be easy? No. Can it be done? Yes. C'mon boys, push yourselves. There's only one reason you're playing. Defend that Cup!

In Fonger I trust and in the heart of these young men I believe. 'Nuff said. Now let's go watch some hometown hockey!

Like Old Bull said...just some thoughts on a cold Sunday morning.

Photo Credit: Robert Keith

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