Sunday, January 2, 2011

Sunday, January 2nd

The week didn’t start off the way we wanted it to…we lost the game against Allen here in our building. We had a 3-2 lead going into the third period and just didn’t have the legs to keep it going and finish the game off, so that was obviously a disappointing day for us. I think we were tired for whatever reason.

We had the day off on Wednesday and got some rest and then got back to work on Thursday to get ready for a tough three-in-three weekend against Bossier-Shreveport, Tulsa and Colorado.

On Friday, we got ready to play the Mudbugs at home. We knew that they had been on a long break and this was their first game back, so we had to come out and play a good game. Again, we didn't start out the way we wanted to in the first period, but we responded and had a good second and third period and ended up getting the win which was a big win for us because they're a very good team.

We got on the bus right after the game to head for Tulsa. That's where we celebrated New Year's (laughing). It was a good New Year's for me - I was asleep. There wasn't a whole lot going on - I think everybody was pretty much lounging, relaxing, asleep - whatever.

In Tulsa, we didn't play the way we needed to play. We've talked about it before - it's a lack of consistency - we just haven't been consistent. We have a good game and then we have a bad game. I think in Tulsa, special teams killed us. We had a couple of bad penalties and we gave up four consecutive power play goals in the second period. We dug ourselves a hole and just couldn't get out of it. Like I said, we just didn't play the way we needed to play.

It was a long bus ride back from there to get ready for another tough game in our building against the Colorado Eagles - another very good team. After a very tough week for us, we responded and played very well against the Eagles. We came out from the start and just battled and ended up with the 5-2 win to cap off the weekend.

It's always good to play the Eagles at home. They don't like playing here - for whatever reason, everyone around the league thinks the rink's smaller. Whatever - if it's smaller, it's by inches - a hockey rink's a hockey rink. There's not that much of a difference unless you're playing on an Olympic-size rink. For whatever reason, we have their number here. They're a very good team and for some reason, we just come out and work hard and get the job done against them.

Right now our biggest goal is to stay focused and try to put some wins together. We haven't won three games in a row this year, which for us is disappointing. We have the talent to do it so we have to put things together this week and do our jobs and be ready for this weekend's two-game home series against Odessa.

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