Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Fight night at the CenturyTel Center

Mike Sgroi vs. Steven Crampton

In an already nasty game between the 'Bugs and the boys in purple and black, Brahmas forward Mike Sgroi (6' 4", 230 pounds) takes on the enforcer role after Mudbugs forward Steven Crampton (6' 2", 200 pounds) knocked defenseman Ross Rouleau to the ice with a brutal hit to the face, 5:52 into the final frame.

Sgroi was on the scene immediately and after ripping his gloves off, he grabs Crampton away from the linesman and proceeds to pummel him with a number of blows to the back of the helmet.

Don't mess with Texas!

Thanks to Eric Boulton for sharing this video via YouTube.

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