Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Texas Brahmas Hockey - One Goal in Mind!

"Unofficial" slogan for the 2011-12 season is official

I coined an unofficial slogan for the Brahmas last season - "It's not just hockey. It's Brahmas hockey. Be loud...believe!" It poked some fun at the official "Just Hockey." slogan, of which I wasn't a huge fan.

After a long deliberation (about two minutes), I've coined the "unofficial" slogan for the 2011-12 Texas Brahmas - "One Goal in Mind! Texas Brahmas Hockey - Be loud...believe..."

To me, the coming Brahmas roster (which will be much younger and much different than previous years) should have just one goal in mind - a championship.

I still really like the "Be loud...believe...", so I added it in. I think this should be the mantra for any Texas Brahmas fan - be there (you shouldn't be anywhere else), be loud (who was recognized as the rowdiest fans in the league last season?), believe (you've got to believe, you've just got to).

Photo Credit: Robert Keith

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