Monday, January 30, 2012

From Where I Sit - Steve Silverthorn

“What Could Have Been”

I’ve never met Steve Silverthorn. But I know he is a quality athlete, person and family man. As a big fan and huge supporter of his, I will greatly miss seeing him in net for the Texas Brahmas.

Signed over the summer, Steve was brought here to be our #1 goalie and rightfully so based on his hockey pedigree and 220-109-23 record in college and professional play here and abroad. He is a sound goalie with great instincts. I was aware of his history and his 11-11-5 numbers here never changed my mind about his abilities...just about his luck, or lack of it in Texas.

Much of the uneasiness of the Silverthorn doubters lingered from the start of the season. With a new, young team scoring three goals in front of him, Steve was 0-4 before he had coffee and a good breakfast in North Richland Hills. Overall the team scored 65 goals for him in 27 starts. He did his job with a 2.40 GAA.

Check the numbers of the top eight CHL goalies with a 2.10 to 2.70 GAA’s in the league stats. Wait I’ll save you the trouble…their cumulative record this year is 105-43-21.

Steve will turn 30 years old on February 7th. He has a beautiful wife and equally beautiful twin daughters. Maybe he felt he could prolong his career as well as make a better living for his family playing back in Europe. It's possible he had trouble adjusting to the physical play of the Central Hockey League and felt he might be injured.

I don’t know the particulars of his decision. But I’m guessing it was a very difficult one to make. What I do know is whatever the reason, he will return to Europe.

I respect his decision. I enjoyed watching him play and am sad that he is gone and things didn’t work out for him here. It is our opportunity missed. Best wishes to both him and his family in the future.

The Brahmas are blessed to have a very talented rookie tender in Mark Guggenberger who has had early success here and has his whole hockey career in front of him. Mark has been fortunate to be around Steve Silverthorn beginning his play for money life and witness how a professional hockey player conducts himself.

Let’s hope that “Googs” can put what he has learned and his immense talent to good use and lead the Brahmas to the promised land.


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