Monday, January 30, 2012

Silverthorn departs the Brahmas

Goalie signs with the Dresden Ice Lions in Germany

The Steve Silverthorn era, which never really came to fruition, is over. The Insider learned on Sunday afternoon that the Brahmas goalie has told the Brahmas coaches and after Saturday night's win against Laredo, his teammates that he had decided to return to Europe.

At least Silver leaves on a somewhat high note. Ranked fourth in the Central Hockey League with a 2.40 GAA and 16th with a .905 Save Percentage, he has won five of his last seven starts and was finally getting some lukewarm support from many of the fans.

As early as Sunday morning, the German media was reporting that Schwenningen ERC was speaking with Silverthorn about a possible return to his old team. Silverthorn played for Schwenningen for two seasons before signing with Texas and has played in Germany for three seasons total.

On Monday morning, it was reported he had instead signed with the Dresden Ice Lions here and here. The Ice Lions had lost their number one goalie to injury for the remainder of the season. Kellen Briggs would need surgery and a replacement was needed immediately.

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Silverthorn had to move quickly to beat the transfer deadline in Germany. So he did.

I found Silverthorn to be a likable person and I knew of his pedigree, and the fact that Fonger had been pursuing him for years. I was as discouraged as anyone that the "promise and the product" that was Silverthorn's game was two different realities. That's not to fully blame Silverthorn - in fairness, there were many reasons for his lack of early success with the purple and black.

None of it really matters now. Silverthorn leaves the Brahmas in the thick of the race for the post-season, with a tenuous hold on the third place slot in the Berry Conference and a goalie short of a duo.

From a character standpoint, regardless of anything else, I can't forgive someone who leaves their team in the lurch at a crucial point in the season.

Mark Guggenberger, a very capable young man now has a tremendous opportunity as well as a tremendous responsibility to help lead the Brahmas to the promised land - a second Ray Miron President's Cup Championship. Of course he'll have some help. The Brahmas have a couple of backstoppers en route or already here, but I'll withhold their names for now out of respect to Fonger.

As for Silverthorn, we can only wish him the best of luck and prosperity in his future. 'Nuff said.

Photo Credit: Robert Keith

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