Friday, February 26, 2010

Rest in peace Old Bull

Gary Stallons

It's always hard to deal with the passing of a friend. It's harder, I think, when you didn't expect it. I knew Gary had been in poor health lately. But the news today just floored me. You always think you're going to have another handshake, another conversation, another laugh and suddenly, that's not to be.

Gary was a good old boy, someone who I got to know and respect over the past couple of years. As I often arrive early at NYTEX, I could always count on Gary being there even before me and I always looked forward to the time we spent talking hockey before games. Of course, Gary was known and loved by whole lot of people associated with the Brahmas organization for a long time.

I think Mike Barack said it pretty well:

"There are very few people that followed every single aspect (on and off the ice) about our franchise as well as following all of the happenings throughout the league. There were many times that he was able to pass on information, articles, transactions, etc. from throughout the Internet world (and through word of mouth) because he was so on top of everything."

He truly was the real Texas Brahmas Insider. Suffice it to say, he will most certainly be missed.

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Cameron Family-AB, Canada said...

Very nice article on Old Bull. So kind of you to do that. He would be very honoured. Brahma land is aching at his great loss. Take care Robert and all the friends of Old Bull and especially his family. My heart is heavy. Momcam