Monday, November 2, 2009

A few minutes with...Joe Palmer

The Brahmas rookie goalie talks to the Insider about winning

Joe Palmer came out briefly after Saturday night's game against the Allen Americans to speak with the Star-Telegram's William Wilkerson and I about the win.

Q: What's your mindset going into a shootout?

A: You never know what the coach is going to do...if they're going to have our guys shoot first or their guys shoot first. It's always nice to have our guy get a goal first and then you've just got to make one save, or a couple of saves if they don't score but you've got to make one save to win it, so it's always pretty exciting but you've just got to stay big and stay positive...

Q: Talk a little bit about this mini-run you're does it feel?

A: Well, it's exciting. You know, my first two pro's awesome and last night we had a great road win; guys battled hard all the way through and tonight - the same thing. We've got a great group of guys right now that are battling hard and nothing's coming easy for us and we're working for everything we're getting so, it's just exciting.

Q: Did Brett Jaeger give you any encouraging words before he left for Houston?

A: He said just to stay positive no matter what happens and work hard. He's been great so far. I've really enjoyed working with him and going out before practice and working with him. You know, learning from a guy like him is awesome. It's really, I think it's really helped me so far.

Q: The shootout is big enough but on top of that, you stopped 40 shots...what do you have to say about that?

A: I don't know; sometimes you just have one of those nights. Fortunately, it went our way tonight...not really much to say about it, I guess...

Palmer is humble enough and definitely not looking to take any particular credit for the win when there is whole group of guys that deserve it.

I don't think any of the fans really expected to see a rookie goaltender in net for the Brahmas, especially this early in the season, although everyone knew that there was a real chance that Brett Jaeger would be called up. Joe Palmer has definitely made a good impression and I think there's less concern about how long Brett will be away after last weekend's performance.

Photo Credit: Robert Keith

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