Sunday, February 20, 2011


We were coming off another big weekend. We beat Tulsa and Rio Grande Valley, so we were coming off a couple of wins.

We headed to Laredo on Monday. They're struggling at the bottom of the standings, but we feel they're still a very competitive team. They're missing a couple of their really good players but they still have a lot of firepower. You can never take anyone lightly, especially this year in this conference.

So went down there and had a really good game. We won 4-2; another big win for us - another three wins in a row and then it was back on the bust to come home and get ready for a big weekend at home against Odessa and Allen.

Odessa's been struggling of late and we know Allen is a strong team. They both have a lot of firepower, so we knew it was a big weekend ahead of us. On Friday night, we played really well and beat Odessa 5-1. We had a pretty good all-around game, but we had to forget about that one and get ready for a big game against Allen on Saturday.

We hadn't beat the Americans all year and they were a team that had lost a couple of games in a row coming into our building, so we had to take advantage of that and get on them early. We did just that, with a couple goals late in the first period and then they came back with a strong power play - they scored three power play goals, but we kept battling and ended up with the win, 5-4.

It was a big win for us, to get that monkey off of our backs and get that first win against them. We play them three or four more times, so that was a big win for us. It was an all around good week for us but we can't be satisfied with that. We have another big week coming up with five games to play through next weekend, so we just need to get some rest and get ready for that.

We feel that we're confident and we can play and we can win and we can beat anybody but we also know we're going to be tired at times so we have to be aware of that and play smart and conserve a little bit of that energy heading down the stretch. We've just got to take it one game at a a time and try to win each game individually and then move on to the next one.

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