Saturday, February 19, 2011

A special shout out to Shawn Limpright

For those who really, really dislike the Allen Americans, we salute you!

Brahmas fans - Christmas came early 5:06 into the first period of last night's game at the CenturyTel Center when Mudbugs winger Shawn Limpright re-arranged the face of Bruce Graham of the Allen Americans.

5' 11", 185 pound Limpright takes out 6' 6", 235 pound goon Graham...fantastic!

By the way, doesn't Graham remind you of Doug Niedermeyer in Animal House?

I can (and will) watch this one over and over and over...

Here's the highlight reel. Video courtesy of "panmmc" on YouTube

Here's the whole fight. Video courtesy of "EricBoulton26" on YouTube

Photo Credit: Les Stockton

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