Sunday, February 27, 2011


We came off a really big weekend with two wins against Odessa and Allen and then we played at home on Monday against Wichita and had a good game; we played really well and ended up winning 4-1 and then the next day we got on the bus to go to Wichita.

On the bus ride, I found out I was suspended, so that wasn't good news - it would have been nice to know before I got on the bus. But it was alright; it was alright to be there. It was a pretty ugly game up there. We started off really well, went up 4-0, then 5-1 and then just kind of didn't play well and they battled back and you know, it was big for us to come out of there with two points.

At the end of the day it wasn't the prettiest game for us but we got two points on the road and that's what we were trying to do.

We headed back to Texas to play in Allen on Friday night. I thought we played really well but we came up short. We had a couple of chances but we just didn't bury them late in the game and came up a little short, but I thought we played really well. That game could have gone either way. Allen's a very good team but we're sticking right there with them. We've just got to find a way to beat them.

A very busy week continued for us as we got on the bus to Bossier City and played the pink ice game there - probably the worst ice we've played on all year long. It was like playing with a bouncy ball out there, but again we got the job done. It was a sloppy game both ways but we got the job done with a 5-3 victory over there.

We got right back on the bus to play a 4:00 pm game against Bloomington; a team we've never seen before. I thought we came out very strong. We were all over them and we took the 1-0 lead and we got some chances and for some reason, just couldn't put the puck in the back of the net and then it turned around and they got a couple goals on a couple of breaks and we just couldn't find our way back. It was a game that I thought we could have really changed the momentum early if we would have buried a couple more of those opportunities.

You know, it happens. We've played a lot of hockey recently and our goalie played really well and made some big now we've got to get some rest and get back on the bus tomorrow to go to Odessa (laughing).

It's tough - it's life in the minors, I guess. I mean there are a lot of guys that are sore and beat up with little injuries. We've got to take our day off tomorrow and re-focus and try to get a big win on Tuesday.

We've got to take our days off and be smart and really take care of our bodies at a time like this because we play Tuesday and then have a couple of days off and then we're back into four games in five nights again with Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Tuesday, so there's really no time to be messing around right now. We've got to stay focused and try to take care of our bodies the best we can.

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